Calcatex Limepaint


Calcatex is a lime-casein based wallpaint for interior as wel as exterior use. Available in a 45 standard colour range. Our Calcatex lime paints breathe, regulate humidity and are electrostaticaly neutral.


Take 1 volume of water and 1 volume paint in powderform. Stir well and leave it for 30 to 45 minutes. Then stir again and, only if necessary, ad some water and ready (= approximately 10 to 20 m^2 per kg powder).

More water (1,5 volume on 1 volume of powderpaint) results in a thinner paint with more effect but less covering. We advise not to ad more than 2 volumes of water to 1 volume of paint, because the paint will loose covering as well as scrub resistance.

Since the pigments tend to form a deposit, we strongly advise to stir regularly during the application.

Composition: hydrated lime, casein, marble powder, baryte, natural earth pigments or factory made mineral pigments.

Kalei brush-on render


A two-layer, thin rendersystem for outside application, protecting the wall against heavy rain and giving it an excellent vapor permeability. The first layer consists of this ‘kalei’-render, the second one is our lime paint.

Can easily be applied on inside walls too, for the decorative effects.

Properties: This Jordan & Co kalei consists of a very simple 2-layersystem (a thin layer of kalei on which a lime paint finish is put in a wet-on-wet or fresco technique), providing the wall with very specific properties. The kalei-render is a damp-open layer, protecting the facade against heavy rain. The second layer is our Calcatex lime paint, providing the colour. Those two layers together, create a capillar network from fine (kalei layer) to extra fine (limepaint layer) which actively evacuates damp out of the wall. This property is impossible to obtain within a one-layer system which is mass coloured.


Mix the kalei powder with water. Apply in a thin layer of 2 - 3 mm (with a brush, a trowel or by spraying) spreading the layer evenly with a brush. Apply the Calcatex lime paint from the moment the “kalei” starts to set, so when the “kalei” is still green.

If it should not be possible to paint the same day, then do it the next day. Since the open time is approx. 4 hours, we advice you to prepare quantities you can apply within 4 hours.

Composition: hydrated lime, trass, sand, marble powder and limestone powder.

High-Gloss Plaster

high-gloss plaster

“Tadelakt” and “Stucco Lustro” A fat lime-based glossy plaster with a marble touch, fayence look and velvety surface. Applied as a decorative finish on walls, ornaments, bowls, vases… This limeplaster can be given hydrophobic properties, becoming a good alternative for tiles in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, … or for the finish of baths, lavabos, showers, fountains, …


Mix the ready-made lime putty with the chosen pigments and the additives. For tadelakt: apply in two thin layers; the second layer to be polished until high gloss. Normal consumption: up to 6 kg/m2. Finish the next day with a suitable soap and polishing stone; as a last finish, usually with wax. For stucco: apply according the specific demands and techniques (stucco lustro, stucco lucido, stucco veneziano, stucco antico, etc. etc., consumption approx. 3 kg/m2) and the usual finish is wax.

Composition: fat lime putty, marble powder, water (from a well); the natural additives go in a seperate bag.

This high-gloss-system covers: plaster in pasta, pigment (31 different colours available), fat soap (savolino), wax (cirano), polishing stones, as well as a fairly complete range of special tools.

Fat Lime Putty

fat lime putty

A very “fat” and very fine lime putty, made of the finest lime, with water from our well and treated in a traditional way. We offer this creamy fat lime in plastic bags of appr. 21,25 kg and a portion of flax shives. If you add 2 bags of sand of 25 kg each (f.e. riversand 0-2 mm) you become an excellent plain lime plaster. This mixture fits into a standard plastic mixing tub; it is easy to reproduce or could be prepared in advance, in large quantities as well, as long as the mix is kept wet.

Thanks to the flax-shives, one layer of 1 cm thickness will in nearly all cases satisfy for an interior render. The surface can be sponged and/or finished by a thin layer of (nearly) plain lime, according to finishing demands. Frescal finish with Calcatex is recommended. For stucco’s, tadelakt and similar decorative finishes, this is an excellent preparation.

The lime putty can be mixed with other ingredients as well or could be mixed with 10 to 15 % of pigments to become a basic and affordable high quality limewash.


Since the components of Hempcrete are hydrated lime and hemp shives, it is best to buy those materials locally, not only for the ecological footprint but also to keep transport prices as low as possible. If not locally available, of course we can make an offer.

What we do offer is an additive we make, from only natural minerals, which gives the hemp-lime mixture a better plasticity, faster setting, allowing faster working. Since only 3 kg is needed per bag of lime (25 kg) it allows maximum result with locally available hydrated limes, saving on unnecessary transport cost of huge amounts of “special lime”. As for the tadelakt, we also organise workshops on hempcrete. We wish to share our experience with this wonderful building material: it deserves it. As well as you, by the way.