Oils & Waxes

All of our products are based on natural basic materials. We supply a wide variety of oils and waxes to help protect and bring out the natural beauty in wood and stone. Our furniture and floor oils are are specially formulated for different wood types to provide maximum conservation properties, strengthening the wood while providing natural moisture barriers.

Our product portfolio includes:

Furniture Oil

furniture oil

For protecting and maintaining antiques, furniture, toys, wood carvings, wood paneling in the house, etc. Also excellent for parquet and flooring, even soft wooden floors! A special edition contains a mix of seven essential oils that give the area a delicious aroma of conviviality and tranquility.

Garden Furniture Oil

garden furniture oil

This garden furniture oil is specially made furniture of different wood types in the most natural way possible to maintain and protect. It strengthens the wood is stronger, and makes it more resistent to moisture.

Priming Oil

priming oil

This fairly quick drying priming and impregnating oil is very suitable for priming highly absorbent substrates and to fix most surfaces. It has also very good wood nourishing and moisturizing properties. Hence it is especially suitable for the impregnation of wood roof trusses, floors and porous tiles, concrete floors, ladders, farm carts. For the protection of bare steel against rust.

Natural Stone Oil

natural stone oil

This stonemason oil was specially designed to maintain and protect stone in the most natural way possible. The oil nourishes the stone, gives a nice shine and protects against stains, moisture and frost.

Cerafina Wax

cerafina wax

Solid Wax

A solid, soft wax for furniture, wooden floors and natural leather that gives a beautiful high gloss. Easy to colour with our Calcaterx limepaint, allowing to make real Lime Wax.

Liquid Wax

Gives the wood a beautiful soft glow and good protection. Suitable for furniture, carvings, toys and especially for floors. It has a cleansing effect on the air at home.

Leather Wax

leather wax

Especially suitable for natural leather, protects and waterproofs. Can also be used on furniture.

Pure Gum Turpentine

pure gum turpentine

This pure Gum turpentine, obtained from natural, inexhaustible source, is the dilutent of choice for paints, stains and varnishes based on natural raw materials.Also suitable for cleaning brushes, etc. Speeds the drying of oil paints.